Fashion Forward Magic✨

Located at the heart of DXB, Fashion Forward S10 is back with its inspiring fashion looks and styles. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to attend all three days, but I think one day was enough to explore and move around!

My favorite thing about FFWDXB is its vibes. Everyone is there for the purpose of being themselves whether by posing, dressing up, or just attending the shows. I got to meet some really talented photographers, bloggers, and designers. One of my favorite designers, Mohanad Kojak, was showcasing his latest fall collection. I felt proud that these designs were done by an Egyptian fashion designer.

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Another thing about FFWDXB is MAC COSMETICS. They recently launched a new campaign, “Mix and Mac”, with one of the BEST makeup artists, Hindash, where you can mix different shades of lipstick to create your own personal favorite.


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