Desert Dunes

When I thought about my blog, I wanted a theme that would reflect on Dubai’s beauty. So when the photographer, Kavi Pradeep, contacted me for a photoshoot in the dunes, I thought that it was a great opportunity to launch my website with the theme that I always wanted.

The desert symbolizes one’s strength and control and their ability to tolerate pain and loneliness.

To be honest, the process wasn’t as smooth as we expected it to be. We planned on arriving there at sunrise but ended up getting lost for around 40 minutes, looking for a place to shoot. But it was worth it!!


To Begin, Just Begin…

Getting your thoughts written down can be challenging but I find comfort in doing it. I’ve always been a fan of writing and kept a ‘diary’ for a good amount of my early teenage years. SO, I decided why not make a blog out of it?

Well, if you decide to keep reading this, you’ll get to know the real side of me and what really goes on in my head. I’ll be reviewing some products that I’ve previously used (including skincare, hair treatments, and makeup), some life tips from my personal experiences, and some projects that I’ve worked on.

If I could only explain to you guys how much I’ve been trying to get started on this website… it could take forever.  But here I am and I’m so excited to be sharing my thoughts with you and I hope you enjoy my blog! Please explore and don’t forget to give me your feedback on the comments section below!