I’m a girl who loves trying new hair and skin products and always updating my beauty routine. But, there are some constants that I simply cannot change! I’ve been using these products for over a month now & it’s safe to say that I’m OBSESSED!

Please keep in mind that what could work on my skin and hair may not work on yours! So please do your research before applying anything to yourself!



I’ve recently come across this product in the most random way ever & I’m glad I did. I used this product all summer long and it just feels right to recommend it & share with you guys. This product has saved my hair from getting dry and brittle from all the beach days and the heat during summer. Another good thing about this product is that it’s not an oil or a serum so it won’t leave your hair feeling greasy. Spray it moderately on your wet hair after you shower. This product has 10 benefits and I can assure you they all work!

  1. Heat protection
  2. Repairs dry and damaged hair
  3. Silkiness & smoothness
  4. Hair color protection
  5. Easier brushing & ironing
  6. Split end prevention
  7. Detangling
  8. Shine & frizz control
  9. Long-lasting hairstyle
  10. Adds body

DXB: You can find it on Souq.com for 37 AED

Cairo: You can buy it from big Beauty Salons like Amr Sadek or Mohamed Al Sagheer for around 350 EGP



I don’t know if you noticed but I am a huge fan of L’oreal products. They work so well on my face and I always see immediate results.

I bought this mask at the beginning of August and I have been using it ever since (4 weeks)! I apply a thin layer of this mask every evening and I wake up with my skin feeling plumped, hydrated, and I can immediately leave the house without feeling the need to apply any makeup. I can honestly tell the difference in my skin the next morning if I forgot to apply it the night before (and it’s not a good one). Now the reason this product works magic is due to its concentration of hyaluronic acid & its ability to penetrate through the skin. Hylaronic acid has many benefits for the skin especially when it comes to anti-aging. It also helps with hydrating and calming the skin and can work on all skin types so you don’t need to worry if your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive.

Additionally, this product doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue & its easily absorbed into the skin. It has made its way into my skincare routine & will stay there for a while!

DXB: You can find it on Souq.com for 99 AED

Cairo: You can find it on Souq.com for 340 EGP

Along with the L’oreal evening mask, I have also added an eye cream to my skincare also routine from… L’oreal (what a surprise)



This product has greatly helped brighten the dark circles under my eyes. Now they won’t be completely gone, but you will definitely see a change after using it for a short period of time. Dark circles are caused by many factors like genes, lifestyle routine (what we eat and drink), skincare and, of course, our sleeping routine. I believe that the eyes and the lips are mostly ignored in many girls’ skincare routine & this can make a huge difference if changed!

I massage this eye cream in a circular motion every night using the applicator as shown above along with the Revitalift evening mask and rinse it off in the morning. The applicator stays cold so it depuffs and cools the under eye area and has a soothing effect!

Disclaimer- it hurts if the product gets in your eye so be careful!

DXB: You can find it on Souq.com for 109 AED

Cairo: It’s actually unavailable on Souq.com but you can find it in the airport’s duty-free  (that’s where I got it)



Now I know many people are skeptical when it comes to hair vitamins but I personally noticed a difference after using this product. The main reason people feel that way is because they’re inconsistent. The only way you can see results from any treatment is through consistency. Your body won’t react to anything before two weeks, whether it’s working out, taking pills, or even changing your skincare routine. So, give it time and you will start seeing results after a minimum of 4 weeks. Greorin L is a German brand that only sells hair products. I take two tablets every day after lunch.

DXB: I’ve been searching for it for a while and I couldn’t find it anywhere but you can check in Life or Aster Pharmacy

Cairo: To be honest, I don’t think Cairo has this brand but there are alternatives in the market like Cystine

Saudi: You can find it in Al Nahdi Pharmacies for 270 SR (that’s where I got it)



I’ve recently been buying a lot of foundation products partly because it’s summer & I’m tan so my skintone keeps changing but mainly because I’m trying to find my go-to medium to high coverage foundation. The Fenty Beauty and Nars Radiant foundation used to be my favorite but… things have changed and I find myself using Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation for a while now. The reason this product is a winner is that it’s so light on the skin you almost forget you have it on! You can wear it all day and your face won’t feel cakey or oily. It can be worn in the morning because it has SPF of 25 and at night because it has medium coverage. It’s definitely a must have!!

I use it in the shade of medium Y360

DXB: You can find it at Sephora for 190 AED

Cairo: Unfortunately Sephora doesn’t deliver to Egypt

So these are the products that made my August slightly better. Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve tried any of them & if you’ve seen any change in your hair and skin! ♥

Δ This post is not an ad. It’s just out of my personal experience!

Skin & Hair Routine

Growing up, I’ve always been obsessed with skincare products; dreaming to have a clear, perfect skin. But a girl can only dream, can’t she? For girls who enjoy putting makeup as much as I do, it’s important to invest just as much into skincare products! Here’s a list of some of the products that I’ve been using for a while and how they’ve helped benefit my skin:

  1. Tea Tree Facial Wash: I know I’ve written a whole blogpost before about my obsession over this product, but there’s a reason! Finding the right facial wash can take years of disappointment after wasting your time and money & seeing NO results. Luckily, I found mine and I highly recommend it! One bottle can last up to 2 months. For more details, click here.
  2. L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask: I had to try this product and see if it’s worth the buzz. I think it’s a really good product for people who don’t have severe problems like acne or discoloration but still try to take care of their skin. I tried the “Detox & Brighten” mask and I’ve seen results after the first two times. My face felt smooth, healthy, and glowed. Apply it 1-3 times a week and let it dry on your face for 15 minutes before washing it off._171030172914_LOREAL 2_full
  3. Clinique Moisture Surge: I recently bought this product because my face moisturizer has finished and I can only buy it from Dubai so I needed a good replacement. Although it’s not THE best out there, it still serves its purpose (especially in this cold & dry weather). It can also be used as a great base before applying your makeup. It’s water based so it won’t leave your skin looking oily or shiny. Apply it 2-3 times a day.


Give your hair just as much attention!

  1. Caviar Anti-Aging Moisturizer: I use this product twice a week while I’m in the shower. If you think your hair is feeling dry or your split ends are going crazy on you like I felt, this product is a must. You can buy it from Sephora for around $44 (170 AED) and you won’t regret it. Apply it on wet damp hair for 3 minutes then rinse it off. The results are amazing!
  2. FrizzEase: I’ve never been a fan of hair serum but I gave this product a try 8 months ago and I’m attached. There are many options you could choose from (whatever suits your hair type) but I chose the originalIt has 6 effects: eliminates frizz, hydrates, protects against humidity and heat, tames, and smoothes! Distribute it evenly on wet hair after showering but avoid applying it directly on your roots!


  3. Cystiphane by Biorga: This is an anti-hair loss lotion that I’ve been using for over a month now and I’ve seen good results. Because I dye my hair a lot, I’ve experienced hair loss but luckily this product has been helping. It’s also water based so it won’t make your hair oily. Apply 7 squirts a day to the dry scalp, preferably in the evening, for 6 weeks. Do not rinse off.


Favorite Makeup Look

Once I’ve found the right makeup products, I rarely replace them. Here are the reviews of some makeup products that I use, hope you find them helpful 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 6.22.04 PM

Farsali: I bought this serum a few months back and I wouldn’t purchase it again. It moisturizes the skin and can be applied as a good base for your makeup but it’s not the best out there. I don’t really spot the difference in my makeup if I don’t have it on. It’s for AED 200 & can be bought on Farsali’s website.


NYX Total Drop Foundation in the shade of “beige”: I’ve recently started using this foundation but I can’t say it’s my favorite. However, this foundation is light on the skin, has a light coverage for girls who like to wear foundation everyday, and it’s buildable (you can add layers for more coverage). It dries quickly on the skin so make sure you blend it in directly. It’s quite affordable, AED 68, and can last up to two months. You can buy it at any Lifestyle store or any NYX stand.


FitMe Concelear by Maybelline, shade #25: Having the right concealer can be challenging. I’ve been using this concealer for two years now and it works perfectly for me. It has a medium coverage so you can wear it in the morning or at night. It’s for AED 44 & can be bought from any Maybelline stand. 8917304311838

Sun Shield by Obagi Medical: Sunscreen is as important as any product in your life. As some people may already know, I’m on Roaccutane treatment so my skin can get really sensitive when I’m exposed to the sun. However, most girls don’t value the importance of sunscreen as they should. Sunscreen DOES NOT block the sun but SCREENS out any unhealthy sun rays. My favorite thing about this product is that it has a finished matte look and doesn’t make my makeup look cakey.  It’s a bit pricey (AED 230) but it’s definitely worth buying. It’s available on souq.com.


Cream Lip Stain By Sephora Shade #13 (Marvelous Mauve): Since I’m not a big fan of dark lipsticks, this pinkish/nude shade by Sephora is everything!! It can last up to 6 hours but can dry out your lip so make sure you wear lip balm before applying it. It’s for AED 75 and can be bought online or from any Sephora branch.


Rosegold Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty: A LOT of good reviews have been already posted on this product and I can’t help but agree. This palette has a range of matte (transition colors) and shimmery shades. The matte shades can be applied daily without giving an overdramatic look. My favorite thing about this palette is how it’s so PIGMENTED & can be easily BLENDED! For maximum payoff, use your finger to apply the creamy metals. Do not apply with an eyeshadow brush. Find it in Sephora for AED 250.hud023_hudabeauty_rosegoldeyeshadowpalette_1_1560x1960-vx0mn

Becca in the shade of C POP is the only highlighter I ever bought. Lasts for a whole year and is fairly pigmented. You can find it in Sephora for AED 174. You can spray the Prep+Prime Fix by MAC on the brush before applying it to make it last longer.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 6.22.03 PM

An Endless Dilemma

Every girl’s dilemma is to find the right facial cleanser, the one that will create miracles in a couple of weeks by keeping your skin soothed and CLEAN. Because I have an oily T-Zone and a dry/normal combination, I’ve used some facial cleansers in the past that dried out my face and irritated it. The Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop does wonders!!!! The tea tree oil is extracted from the foothills of Mount Kenya and is mostly used to treat acne and bacteria. I’ve been using it for two years now and I truly recommend it to every woman and MAN who can’t find the right product and are getting these small pimples, mostly because of hygiene or lack of attention. For the people who don’t usually put a lot of effort in their skincare routine, this one product would be enough (suitable for all skin types).

It can also be used to remove layers and layers of makeup . At some point, you’ll just stop buying any makeup removal products. Just use it to wash your face twice a day (morning and night) and you’re good to go!

Another Tea Tree product that I’ve been using is the Skin Clearing NIGHT MASK. Apply a thin layer before you go to bed at night and you’d notice these results in the following morning:

  1. Detoxified/ glowing skin
  2. Soothed and healthy-looking skin
  3. Purified and refreshed (by removing any excess oils on your face)
  4. Improved appearance of pores