An Endless Dilemma

Every girl’s dilemma is to find the right facial cleanser, the one that will create miracles in a couple of weeks by keeping your skin soothed and CLEAN. Because I have an oily T-Zone and a dry/normal combination, I’ve used some facial cleansers in the past that dried out my face and irritated it. The Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop does wonders!!!! The tea tree oil is extracted from the foothills of Mount Kenya and is mostly used to treat acne and bacteria. I’ve been using it for two years now and I truly recommend it to every woman and MAN who can’t find the right product and are getting these small pimples, mostly because of hygiene or lack of attention. For the people who don’t usually put a lot of effort in their skincare routine, this one product would be enough (suitable for all skin types).

It can also be used to remove layers and layers of makeup . At some point, you’ll just stop buying any makeup removal products. Just use it to wash your face twice a day (morning and night) and you’re good to go!

Another Tea Tree product that I’ve been using is the Skin Clearing NIGHT MASK. Apply a thin layer before you go to bed at night and you’d notice these results in the following morning:

  1. Detoxified/ glowing skin
  2. Soothed and healthy-looking skin
  3. Purified and refreshed (by removing any excess oils on your face)
  4. Improved appearance of pores



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